Work with us

Work with us

MAMUT DE COLOMBIA S.A.S welcomes you.

In Mamut de Colombia we select and link people who are committed and aligned with our corporate values, for this reason we are in constant search of people who are willing to contribute with their creativity, initiative and efforts to achieve our goals.

Below please find a list of the job offers which are available at the moment. We request your kind cooperation in reviewing the requirements of the position, if you consider that you fully comply with them; please send your CV and documents indicating the code and name of the position to which you are applying to

The reception of the CV does not imply any obligation on the part of Mamut de Colombia. The company reserves the right to select and recruit people who comply with the profiles and requirements defined by the Human Management area.

In the event that your CV is selected to initiate the recruitment process, a Human Management officer will contact you and will inform you about the following steps.

For university and SENA trainees, it is necessary to be enrolled and to submit evidence of the educational institution, where it is specified that the practice is contained in the academic curriculum as well as the time duration.

The information enclosed in the CV will be validated by the company through the supporting documents.