Company Social Responsibility

The company’s social responsibility is the set of actions that companies take into consideration so that their activities will have positive repercussions in our society and which affirm the principles and values that they are ruled by, both in their own methods and internal processes and also in their relationship with the other actors.

International Labor Organization (ILO)

Mamut de Colombia S.A.S., aware of the importance and responsibility of its role in society as a source of work, progress and sustainable development is carrying out the formal structuring of different activities and programs that it has been supporting recently, in order to consolidate its Company Social Responsibility program. Amongst its projects those that are worth mentioning are the work with low income population, support to educational institutions in influence areas where we carry out our operations at national level, promotion and support of projects of general interest for the community, contributing to the development and progress of society, promoting the improvement of the quality of life.

Our most outstanding programs are:

Environmental Management Program

- Recycling
- Reforestation of 400 hectares in Los Llanos Orientales – Acacia Mangium native species.

Risk Prevention at the Workplace Program

- Activities with the community related to traffic hazards and road campaigns.
- Employees’ children competitions where they received scholarships or bicycles.

Educational Support Program

- Yearly delivery of School Kits to low income children in areas of influence.

Social Support Program

- Support activities to different communities in times of disaster
- Activities where gifts are delivered
- Market donations to low income neighborhoods
- Support to the Foundation for Burned Patients
- Support to the initiative of the ICBF – Colombian Institute for Family Welfare “Right to Happiness”