Our company has over 456 cargo transport and lifting vehicles and equipment, with which the most important infrastructure projects in the country are being attended.


The company has more than 456 vehicles and equipment related to the transportation of cargo, with which we are attending the most important infrastructure projects in the country.


They are special equipment, with motor and transmission characteristics that allow them to guarantee sufficient pulling force to transport modular equipment. In addition they are adapted with a ramp, that when being ballasted increases traction capacity. Currently we have 4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 transmission equipment; all of them have front and rear pulling devices, increasing their versatility to meet the different requirements of the country's roads.


We have hydraulic platforms with a mechanical steering system. Its rods and plates are used to determine the steering radius of the different axles; even so, the operation can be mechanical or hydraulic. In addition, the modular equipment can be coupled longitudinally or transversely and is equipped with a hydraulic suspension system suitable for handling extra heavy and extra-sized loads, at the national level.


They are the main equipment used to execute the transport of cargo and heavy-load, which are homologated according to the necessity of the project.


They are the equipment to execute the transport of oversized load, which are homologated according to the necessity of the transported project.


Trailer of 3 or 4 axles, with load capacity up to 45 tons for transport of conventional and extra-sized loads. The equipment can be provided with a transport cradle or totally flat. We also have detachable neck models for transporting cranes and other equipment.


A very versatile vehicle for extra-long loads and of reduced weight, thanks to the hydraulic system of its beams it has the capacity of extending up to 18 meters and support loads in variable designs between 3 and 6 axes.


In the company we have equipment expandable up to 3.50 meters with beams that allow to reduce the height of the pieces to be transported, as well as to adapt better to the conditions of the roads and bridges at national level.


The accessories are elements designed and manufactured for specific applications in transport, lifting or assembly operations, facilitating their execution and providing safety features in special applications.

Bridge plates

The Bridge plates are modular devices that adapt to the road conditions, allowing to distribute the weight of the different loads mobilized on the bridges, which by their structural conditions do not support the efforts transmitted by the passage of the vehicles. With these elements, roll-off and roll-off activities can also be carried out in river ports.

Weight Distribution Frames

Load distributors are metal structures used to increase the loading area on a surface; Thus reducing the point load value on a terrain.


It’s the necessary equipment used for the lifting and positioning of loads on bases; according to the requirements of the project this equipment can be mobile or static.


A crane is a mobile lifting machine, designed to hoist loads into the air suspended from a hook.


Son grúas que tienen la superestructura montada sobre un camión que permite su desplazamiento. Se caracterizan porque se pueden desplazar a velocidades considerables en carretera; poseen alta maniobrabilidad y alta capacidad de carga por la cantidad de ejes que pueden tener. Además cuentan con un sistema de suspensión que mantiene la carga nivelada en los ejes, ya sea en movimiento o estática. Estos son equipos que poseen dos motores: uno para el camión y otro para la superestructura de la grúa.


They are cranes that have its superstructure mounted on a truck allowing their displacement. They are characterized because they can be moved at considerable speeds on the road, have high manoeuvrability, and high load capacity for the number of axles they can have. In addition they have a suspension system that keeps the load level on the axles, whether in motion or static. These are equipments that have two motors: one for the truck and another one for the superstructure of the crane.


The cranes of this type are characterized by having 2 axes and an operating booth, both for the boom and for the mobilization of the equipment. They are designed to be mobilized on short distances and uneven terrain. For long journeys they must be transported in a low bed vehicle.


Crawlers are hydraulic devices used for lifting and moving loads. They are provided with a pump that drives the hydraulic jacks, located either in the lift position or in the load displacement position.


A gantry is a hydraulic device for lifting loads. It consists basically of two power units and four telescopic towers. It uses two loading beams provided with lifting links for lifting loads. The gantry has a self-propelled system that moves on rails. Furthermore, the load displacement can be in the longitudinal, transverse and normal direction of the mounting area.

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