At Maxo we work in the most important sectors of the construction industry.


Are the sectors we work in, for the following industries


Specialized equipment for transportation and assembly of drilling rigs, and ground operations with restricted or difficult access are part of the wide range of services we provide for the oil and gas sector. We assist with the storage and handling of materials and piping, as well as with the general logistics for drilling and field sourcing.


Comprehensive specialized transport of large volume and difficult handling with our own equipment of exceptional and indivisible dimensions. The advanced systems of transport engineering, planning, and professional supervision during the operations, guarantee the success of the projects assigned to MAXO. in the energy sector.


For MAXO there are no parts too large, too heavy, or impossible to transport. We offer a varied and complete fleet of vehicles and equipment specially designed to mobilize extra-heavy loads in the mining sector. We handle all the details from planning, route studies, engineering and transportation permits throughout the Andean Sub-region, Central America and the Caribbean.


The relocation and placement of industrial facilities are carried out with our fleet of cranes, gantries and hydraulic systems operated by highly qualified experts. We have cranes and hydraulic equipment with capacities from 20 to 700 tons, to meet the needs of our customers.

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